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Anna McCarthy: WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR?, 2017 has been published by Hamman von Mier Verlag as part of Anna McCarthy’s recent show at Kunstverein Göttingen, curated and edited by Anja Lückenkemper.

Artist: Anna McCarthy
Editors: Anna McCarthy, Anja Lückenkemper
Poems: Anna McCarthy
Text: Anja Lückenkemper
Language: English
Design concept: Studio Jung

1st Edition: 250
60 pages, 4/4 color offset print, softcover, 14x21cm
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delivery time: about 5 workdays

"In ›What Are People For?‹ McCarthy expands her research into the topic of hunting and scavenger hunts. She approaches this line of inquiry by laying a plethora of associative and idiosyncratic traces—methaphorical as well as visual—for the visitor and reader to follow and explore. McCarthy opens up her notebook and allows a gaze into a tightly-knit universe of coupling thoughts and linking researches, a visualized stream of consciousness bringing ideas or events together. In the same way as the question »what are people for?« can never truly be answered, McCarthy’s artistic presentation ›What Are People For?‹ can never be completely understood—yet it offers the audience a volume of entry points to navigate and follow through the exhibition space and the artist book respectively. " – Anja Lückenkemper…/anna-mccarthy/