Image of HOW TO START A REVOLUTION: The Musical (special edition)

HOW TO START A REVOLUTION: The Musical (special edition)


This is the special edition of Anna McCarthy’s publication “How to start a Revolution — The Musical” published by EDITION TAUBE. It consists of the booklet in a special school-exercise bookcover, 4 signed Riso-prints, a CD with a recording of the musical in a silk-screened sleeve and a huge red pencil.

In each booklet, the artist has left individual marks and drawings with the red pencil.

Signed and numbered limited edition of 50 copies.

A musical adaptation of the multifaceted, facetious, ongoing project «How to Start a Revolution» by – Anna McCarthy. It deals with the romanticization and synaesthetic manipulation tactics entailed in depictions of revolution, rebellion and recent history acted out by an ever-same group of bored rebels. Facts are mixed with fiction, layers are built upon layers, translations occur to create scenarios that manipulate a viewer’s perception of what was and is truly real. 2-D actors and scenarios mix with 3-D action going on onstage. The «How To Start A Revolution» project has thus far manifested itself in the form of arrests, archives, films, photographs, and songs. But now it is time for the
ultimate grand romantic gesture:

A MUSICAL – singing, dancing, screaming, and laughing at the question ‘what time is it’?

It’s a prophecy; it’s a poetic pop spectacle.